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How to choose an appropriate ultrasonic cleaning machine for the laboratory

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is used to clean glassware, beakers and test tubes in the laboratory. Compared with manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine has the unique advantages of batch cleaning, cleaning the dirt on the inside of beakers and test tubes, and can also be used for mixing, extraction and other applications. Therefore, it is widely used in the laboratory and widely recognized by customers.
Today, with the development of the ultrasonic cleaning machine industry, there are various types of ultrasonic cleaning machines in the market, with various functions and features, which makes buyers confused. What good skills can be quickly selected? In fact, it is very simple, just remember the following skills.

1) The size of the ultrasonic cleaning tank must ensure that it can hold the beaker and test tube to be washed. Therefore, before purchasing, measure the maximum size of the beaker and test tube, and make sure that it is determined. Do not estimate it, so as to avoid being too small to fit. It also depends on the quantity of washing. If the washing quantity is large, it is obvious that the tank is just not good enough. It is necessary to consider washing multiple tanks together. After all, the advantage of ultrasonic cleaning is the efficiency of batch cleaning.

2) Generally speaking, the ultrasonic frequency can be used in the laboratory, but there are some special requirements. If degassing function is required, dual frequency will be considered, and some high-precision workpieces need to be cleaned

3) According to the functional requirements, there are CNC, mechanical and power adjustable. The recommended numerical control type is used in the laboratory, which has a beautiful and elegant appearance and can remember the last timing time. If there is a requirement for the power of different cleaning workpieces, the power adjustable type can be selected.

4) Some people are concerned about the ultrasonic power. In fact, the size of the tank will match the size of the ultrasonic power. Generally, there is no problem of insufficient power. Unless dirt is particularly difficult to clean, or you want to improve the cleaning speed, you can customize a higher power.
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