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How to deal with the heating failure of the autoclave

An autoclave is a high-pressure container that uses a pressure higher than normal pressure to raise the boiling point of water to a high temperature above 100 to sterilize liquids or utensils. Scope of application of autoclave: The autoclave series products are rapid and reliable disinfection and sterilization equipment using pressure-saturated steam. , solution culture medium, etc. for disinfection and sterilization, it is an ideal equipment.
How to deal with autoclave heating failure:

1. Failure: When the autoclave is in use, the heating function fails, resulting in the inability to generate steam normally. When the autoclave is running, the heating indicator on the panel is on, but the temperature indicator does not rise, and the autoclave has been maintained at room temperature.

2. Treatment method: : Turn on the side of the autoclave, and the panel display is normal, indicating that the 220V power supply enters the control circuit normally. Remove the wire connected to the heating tube, and check the resistance of the heating tube with a multimeter. Generally, the resistance is between 8 and 150. If the resistance value is too large, it indicates that the heating tube is broken and must be replaced. Since the heating tube of the autoclave is burned out for a reason, no matter whether the heating tube of the autoclave is good or not in the first step, the solid state relay of the heating tube of the autoclave should be checked. When the autoclave is powered on, its relay input voltage should be around 12vDC, and its output voltage should be around 220VAC. If the input of the autoclave is normal and the output is abnormal, the relay must be replaced; if the input of the autoclave is abnormal, the load output control part on the control circuit must be checked.
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