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How to use autoclave and precautions

1. Preliminary treatment of disinfected items. All medical equipment, sheets, clothing, etc. that have been in contact with pathogenic microorganisms should be chemically treated first.
The disinfectant is disinfected and then cleaned as usual. In particular, all kinds of articles used in infectious wards should be strictly checked, and after strict disinfection, they should be cleaned and disinfected. In routine cleaning, first soak and scrub with detergent solution to remove oil stains, blood stains and other dirt on items, and then rinse with running water. Devices and other items such as shaft joints, tooth slots and gaps should be opened or disassembled as much as possible.Wash thoroughly. The washed items should be wiped dry, and packed according to the clinical needs to avoid re-contamination. Before and after decontamination .The container and the means of transport should be strictly separated and clearly marked to prevent cross-infection.

2. The packaging and containers of sterilized items should be appropriately packed with double-layered white cotton cloth. The new cloth should be washed to remove the paddles before use. The packaging of the items should be tied up with string, so it is better not to loosen, and not to be too tight. The volume of the bag should not exceed Huo Huo Gong Yin. When the container is used for storage, the choice can not only block the intrusion of external microorganisms, but also has better steam penetration. Such as special syringe sterilization box, storage tank for dressing, etc. Civil aluminum boxes are difficult to enter due to steam, and the air in the box is not easy to exhaust, and the sterilization effect is often not achieved according to conventional sterilization. Test comparison shows that its pollution rate is much higher than that of medical aluminum boxes. So you can’t use civilian aluminum gear The syringe or instrument is sterilized.

3. Sterilized items should be placed reasonably. Too many items or improper placement of sterilized items can affect the sterilization effect. The contents of the sterilization pot should not be overcrowded, and the contents of the pot should not be exceeded. Try to sterilize similar items in a pot. If there are different types of items packed together, the temperature and time required for the quantity to reach the sterilized items shall prevail. When placing items, they should be staggered up, down, left, and right, leaving a seam.The gap makes it easy for steam to penetrate. The large disinfection bag should be placed on the upper layer, and the small bag should be placed on the lower layer. The large enamel boxes and storage tanks should also be placed on the lower layer. Cloth and metal items should be sterilized at the same time. And protect against metal objects The condensed water generated during the sterilization wets the cloth.

4. Exhaust air When using a high-pressure steam sterilizer, the most important thing is to exhaust the air in the pot. If there is air in the pot, the pressure pointed by the air pressure needle is not the pressure produced by saturated steam. At the same pressure, the temperature of steam mixed with air is lower than that of saturated steam. See the relationship between pressure and temperature when the degree of air removal in the boiler is different It is sterilized by boiling, it will not kill the spores and hepatitis virus in a short time, which will affect the sterilization effect. Therefore, the exhaust must be thoroughly
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