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Instructions for use of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Working principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The sound wave with a frequency of more than 20kHz is called ultrasonic wave. The ultrasonic wave is used to realize cleaning, degassing and extraction by cavitation in the liquid. The process is as follows:

The circuit allows the transducer to generate ultrasonic frequency vibration, and the energy radiates to the cleaning solution in the cleaning tank, causing the high and low pressure conversion of the cleaning solution.

In the low pressure stage, tens of thousands of tiny bubbles are formed in the cleaning machine. This process is called cavity phenomenon, that is, cavity formation.

In the high pressure stage, the bubble starts to break, or is; The implosion produces shock wave instantly, which generates instantaneous high pressure and micro area high temperature of more than 1000 atmospheres around the bubble. The huge mechanical force generated by this repeated process continuously impacts the surface of the object in all directions. The dirt on the object surface and in the gap can be peeled off quickly to achieve the purpose of cleaning, degassing and extraction.

Detailed instructions for ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Equipment installation

For equipment installation, it should be noted that the circuit should meet the maximum power requirements of the equipment, preferably in an independent circuit. Secondly, pay attention to the size of the workbench and the size of the equipment, as well as the relationship between the length of the equipment pipe and the position of the faucet and drain pipe

2. Add water

When adding water, it is required to note that the water level must be between the mix and max scales of the cleaning tank. In addition, it is required to immerse the cleaned object. The equipment with automatic water filling function will stop adding water when the water level reaches max.

3. Heating function

The model with heating function can set the heating temperature, which is up to 80 ℃. When the set temperature is lower than the actual temperature, the heating function will not be enabled.

4. Power setting

The ultrasonic power is adjustable, ranging from 0 to 99%, and can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

5. Frequency setting

The equipment can be divided into single frequency version and dual frequency version according to frequency. The single frequency frequency is 40kHz, and the dual frequency frequency is 28kHz and 40kHz.

6. Addition of cleaning agent

It is not necessary to add detergent in all cases. For the stains that are difficult to clean, appropriate detergent can be added to help clean. If it has heating function, it is better to add it when the water temperature is about 40 ℃.

7. Pretreatment before cleaning

If possible, it is better to disassemble the cleaned material before cleaning, so that the cleaning speed will be faster. If there are a lot of large stains on the surface of the object to be cleaned, it can be cleaned manually before, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.

8. Treatment after cleaning

When the cleaning task is completed, the water in the cleaning tank shall be drained. It is better to use an air compressor to thoroughly blow the liquid in the water inlet and outlet, and ensure that the inside of the cleaning tank is dry.

9. Washing machine on/off

Under any circumstances, it is prohibited to start the machine without liquid in the cleaning tank, which will cause great damage to the equipment. If you want to stop the machine during the cleaning process, press the stop button, and then press the start button; The unfinished cleaning task will continue to run. Turn off the main switch on the side of the machine before unplugging the power plug.
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