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Precautions for steam sterilizers

1. Always check whether the grounding of the power cord of the sterilizer is good.
2. The sterilizer should be used indoors in a ventilated and dry room without inflammable and explosive materials.
3. The position of the exhaust valve has been calibrated when it leaves the factory, and the lead seal and screws on the valve should not be dismantled arbitrarily.
4. The stacking items shall not exceed 4/5 of the total volume.
5. Do not attach oil to the sealing ring, so as not to damage the gum and cause air leakage.
6. It is strictly forbidden to sterilize the chemicals that cause explosion or sudden pressure increase in contact with the steam medium.
7. When stacking sterilizer items, it is strictly forbidden to block the air outlet of the exhaust valve, and the air must be left unobstructed, otherwise the exhaust valve cannot be blocked due to the blockage of the air outlet.