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The development prospect of ultrasonic cleaning machine

In the past 10 years, ultrasonic cleaning equipment is developing in two aspects. One is that various types of multi-cylinder or transmission chain or lift-type ultrasonic cleaning production lines have been launched one after another; the other is the development of low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines to high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines. In the United States, Japan, Europe and the Asia-Pacific markets, the total number of multi-cylinder ultrasonic cleaning equipment has shown a significant upward trend, up to 50% of the total, while multi-station semi-automatic, fully automatic transmission chain or lifting ultrasonic cleaning lines Body equipment has also risen to more than 40% of the total. The application range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is becoming more and more extensive, and various new ultrasonic cleaning equipment that has been continuously improved and improved are replacing the old-fashioned equipment that has been on the market.

The application of ultrasonic cleaning technology in my country has achieved good results. The fourth is the cleaning of various bottles and cans used in experiments such as medical utensils, food, pharmaceuticals, and biochemistry. The fifth is the cleaning of spinnerets, precision molds, precision rubber parts, jewelry and handicrafts. The first is the cleaning of mechanical parts before and after electroplating or before spraying, and the cleaning of dismantled and repaired parts, which requires a high degree of cleaning, such as the cleaning of oil pump nozzles, bearings, brakes, fuel filters, and valves. The second is the cleaning of printed circuit boards, silicon wafers, wafers, component shells, seats, signal control relays, components, connectors, picture tubes and electric vacuum devices for railway systems. The third is the cleaning of glasses, microscopes, telescopes, sights and other optical systems and sampling glass sheets.
Of course, this is the use of biochemical reactions; for example, in air purification and water treatment, the use of activated carbon is becoming more and more popular, and these are all using activated carbon adsorption. Of course there are electrolytic cleaning and so on. therefore. If we artificially divide cleaning into several categories. This does not fully cover

The current reality of the rapid development of ultrasonic cleaning technology. Ultrasonic cleaner. In recent years, with various new technologies have been continuously applied in cleaning technology. For example, with the rapid development of biotechnology. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is increasingly applied to enzymes and microorganisms.

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