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Troubleshooting of Ultrasonic Cleaners

When the ultrasonic cleaning machine fails and cannot be used normally, the following simple detection methods can be used as a simple reference.

1. The insurance of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is damaged: If you find that there is no power display and no action after starting the machine, first check whether the insurance in the power socket is damaged.

Analysis: It is possible that the user's ground wire is mixed with the live wire or the neutral wire, and is not grounded (the ground wire of the machine is connected to the machine shell), or the machine is short-circuited, and the components are aged and short-circuited, resulting in damage to the insurance.
Detection: Take out the insurance to see if there is any breakage, use a multimeter to measure whether it is broken or not, and replace it with a new device.

Second, the power tube of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is damaged:
Analysis: The power tube on the motherboard will be short-circuited due to the long-term uninterrupted use of the ultrasonic cleaner or the use of too little cleaning liquid for a long time.

3. Transducer damage:
Analysis: It may be that the temperature will gradually rise due to the long-term use of the device, which may cause the colloid to melt and the transducer to fall off or the ceramic part of the transducer to break. Detection: Use a shaker to measure the dielectric strength of the transducer. If the dielectric strength is below 200MΩ, it can no longer be used, and a new transducer must be replaced.
The internal ceramic of the transducer can also crack due to long-term use, making it unable to work properly.
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