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what is a cosmetic autoclave

  Cosmetic autoclaves are autoclaves typically found in salons.They are used to sterilize tools such as tweezers, nail files, scissors, nail clippers, etc. There are several types of autoclaves available for beauty salons. These include:Type N autoclave for sterilizing simple and robust instruments without packaging. It is also known as the lowest autoclave class.

S-class autoclave, which can sterilize hollow instruments individually or in groups. They can be sterilized at 134 degrees Celsius.Class B autoclaves, the most versatile autoclaves available. They can sterilize packaged and unpackaged instruments. They can also sterilize products composed of a variety of materials.

Generally, cosmetic autoclaves are S-class autoclaves, mainly used to sterilize unpackaged, hollow, porous or solid objects. However, as mentioned above, another type of autoclave that you may find in a salon is the B-class autoclave, which is more versatile than the S-class autoclave because it can Packaged and unpackaged instruments are sterilized.Some salons use UV sterilization boxes, herbicides, and other chemical solutions; however, these tools cannot kill all infections and bacteria.
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