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Three functions of industrial ultrasonic cleaner

The industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine has high cleaning efficiency, even small gaps that are difficult to clean, rusted and moldy parts can also remove dirt, and the range of parts that can be cleaned is very wide, which can be large or small, so it has become the most widely used cleaning in the market. one of the machines. The main principle of the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine is to use the cavitation effect, acceleration effect and DC effect of ultrasonic waves in the liquid medium to play a direct or indirect role on the dirt in the parts placed in the medium liquid, so that the dirt is continuously dispersed and emulsified. , peel off, and finally achieve the purpose of cleaning parts. Let's take a look at the specific situation of the three main cleaning functions of industrial ultrasonic cleaners:

1. The cavitation cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning:
This mechanism is that ultrasonic waves in the liquid medium will be projected into the liquid in the form of high-frequency transformation with the mutual intersection of the compression force and the pressure force of more than 20,000 times per second. When a compressive force occurs, due to the pressure reduction, a phenomenon of vacuum nucleus group bubbles will be generated in the liquid medium, and the vacuum bubbles will be crushed under the action of the compressive force, and a huge impact force will be generated at the moment of compression. These impact forces will directly act on the dirt on the surface of the cleaning object, and finally peel it off and separate it to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

2. The direct flow cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning:
The phenomenon that ultrasonic waves propagate in a liquid medium will cause the liquid to flow in the direction of propagation, which is called the ultrasonic DC effect. When the ultrasonic intensity is large enough, the phenomenon of direct inflow can be directly seen in industrial ultrasonic cleaners.

The direct flow can act on the oil stain on the surface of the object to be cleaned, so that it is continuously stirred and finally dissolved in the liquid medium, so as to achieve the purpose of removing the oil stain.

3. Acceleration cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning:
Due to the action of ultrasonic waves in the liquid medium, the liquid particles are pushed, resulting in acceleration. If a high-frequency industrial ultrasonic cleaner is used, the cavitation effect will not be significant. The cleaning at this time mainly relies on the acceleration of the liquid particles by the ultrasonic action to impact the particles to carry out ultra-precise dirt cleaning, so as to achieve the purpose of making the dirt fall off.

According to the above, the cleaning function of the industrial ultrasonic cleaner is not to directly act on the cleaned parts, but to achieve the purpose of falling off through the impact or vibration of the small molecular particles of the medium liquid on the dirt, so the industrial ultrasonic cleaner will not affect the parts. Causes wear or scratches, the cleaned parts will not cause damage.
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