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What are the precautions for the operation of the autoclave

The autoclave uses electricity to heat water, and generates high-temperature saturated pressure steam in a closed environment, and quickly moistens and heats items that can withstand high-temperature steam (such as medical equipment, dressings, utensils, culture medium, solutions, etc.) Under high temperature conditions, through thermal infiltration, the microbial tissue is destroyed and killed (including the spores of Bacillus stearothermophilus with strong resistance) to achieve the result of sterilization.
What points do we need to know in the use of high pressure steam sterilizers
The sterilizer should be operated indoors that is ventilated and dry, free of flammable and explosive substances. It is strictly forbidden to contact with the steam medium to cause explosion or sudden pressure increase of chemical disinfection.

Before opening the door of the autoclave, it should be confirmed that the high pressure in the sterilization chamber drops to 0MPa before the door can be opened.
After the sterilization is completed, if the pressure value has returned to zero and the cover is not easy to open, the air release valve can be placed in the air release position. Let outside air enter the pressure steam sterilizer, and the cover can be opened after the vacuum is removed.
Before opening the door of the sterilizer, make sure that the pressure in the autoclave room is reduced to 0MPa before the door can be opened. If it is forced to open, high temperature and high pressure steam will be ejected, causing accidents such as burns.

When placing the pressure steam sterilizer product, do not block the air outlet of the safety valve and the steam release valve, and leave a gap to ensure smooth air release. Otherwise, the safety valve and the air release valve cannot work because the air outlet is blocked, causing accidents. .
If the volume is too large, the water vapor will not easily penetrate the item. **The bottom layer should be placed as sparsely as possible, because the amount of water vapor in the lower layer is relatively small and the high pressure is insufficient, which usually causes incomplete sterilization. Therefore, when placing it, it should be staggered up and down, so that there are more gaps, which is conducive to the penetration of steam.

The pressure steam sterilizer is connected to an external power supply, and there should be a reliable connection ground wire with the outside world, and the neutral wire and ground wire cannot be connected in parallel.
The packaging and container of sterilization and disinfection products should be double-wrapped white cotton cloth. The new wrap should be washed and desized before use. Items should be bundled with ropes, so as not to loosen and loosen, do not be too tight.

The sealing ring will age and deform after being used for a long time and must be replaced immediately. Instructions for use should be hung next to the sterilizer for easy reference and compliance.
There should be plenty of water in the autoclave. Always check whether the grounding of the power cord of the sterilizer is good to ensure life safety. Always wipe the sterilizer with a clean cloth to keep the device clean and dry to prolong the service life of the product.
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