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What are the types of cleaning media for ultrasonic cleaners

As people's requirements for industrial cleaning efficiency are getting higher and higher, ultrasonic cleaning equipment is also used more and more widely, and many companies have purchased ultrasonic cleaning machines. In the process of ultrasonic cleaning, the choice of cleaning agent is also crucial.

The cleaning agent used in the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be divided into two types: solvent-based ultrasonic cleaning agent and water-based ultrasonic cleaning agent. Due to the different effects of use, the selection should be combined with its own products. So what is the difference between solvent-based ultrasonic cleaners and water-based ultrasonic cleaners?

Solvent-based ultrasonic cleaner
Solvent-based ultrasonic cleaners are generally solvents that are fused with rapidly volatile organic substances. The main components of such ultrasonic cleaners are hydrocarbons and chlorinated organics. Hydrocarbon solvents have good material compatibility and a wide range of volatilization rates and flash points at multiple temperatures, but also have relatively low toxicity. While the chlorinated organic solvent types are relatively toxic and have poor material compatibility, they dry quickly and are less flammable. In large-scale production, this solvent-based ultrasonic cleaner generally requires a professional ultrasonic cleaner to meet the needs of anti-virus or problems caused by its ignition point.

The advantages of solvent-based ultrasonic cleaning agents are that they have good decontamination and cleaning ability, do not require drying, and can be recycled through distillation and regeneration. In addition, it solves the problem of difficult waste liquid treatment of water-based cleaning agents, and does not require additional investment in waste liquid treatment equipment. If the workpiece to be cleaned requires fast volatilization, high cleaning efficiency, and rust prevention requirements, solvent ultrasonic cleaning agents can be considered. The disadvantage is that the cost is high, it is flammable, and the smell of the solvent will affect the working environment, so try to choose an ultrasonic cleaning machine with strong sealing when using it.

Water-based ultrasonic cleaner
Water-based cleaning agents are water-based cleaning products. The cleaning agents used in the use of ultrasonic cleaners are generally water-based cleaning agents. However, there is one point that water-based cleaning agents need to pay attention to by purchasing manufacturers: If the anti-rust function is not provided, the rusting of metal components will be accelerated, because the maintenance layer on the surface of the workpiece will be removed after the water-based cleaning agent is cleaned, which will accelerate the rusting. If you have high requirements for rust prevention, you should choose a water-based cleaning agent with anti-rust function. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. If water-based cleaning agent products add some rust-proof ingredients, these ingredients may reduce water-based cleaning. cleaning function of the agent, its cleaning power may be reduced.

Compared with solvent-based cleaning agents, water-based cleaning agents have many advantages, such as safe and environmentally friendly use, no volatility, convenient transportation and storage, etc. It is also known as a new type of environmentally friendly cleaning agent. Therefore, if the ultrasonic cleaning machine does not require the volatility of cleaning during use and is not sensitive to rust prevention, it is recommended to choose a water-based cleaning agent.

Everyone knows that ultrasonic cleaning is essentially immersion cleaning, so it is very important to choose the correct cleaning agent. The advantages and disadvantages of the two types of cleaning agents should be almost understood. If you do not know what type of cleaning agent to use to clean the workpiece with ultrasonic waves, I hope the above content can help you.
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