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What cleaning agent is better for ultrasonic cleaning machine

With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, people's requirements for efficiency are getting higher and higher, and the same is true for industrial cleaning, so the application of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is becoming more and more extensive, and many companies have also purchased ultrasonic cleaning machines. So how to choose the cleaning agent used with the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and which cleaning agents are better to use?

The products cleaned by the ultrasonic cleaning machine are mostly metal workpieces, copper-aluminum plates, optical glass, etc., which are small in size and require relatively high cleanliness.
Since ultrasonic cleaning is achieved by ultra-high frequency vibration, there are higher requirements for the environmental protection and safety performance of the cleaning agent itself. Generally, water-based cleaning agents are commonly used.

Water-based cleaning agents are generally composed of a variety of surfactants and degreasing agents, which can be diluted with water to reduce cleaning costs.

Water-based environmentally friendly ultrasonic cleaning products are safe, environmentally friendly, efficient, and energy-saving. They not only have strong cleaning ability, but also are safe and environmentally friendly. There is no worries about the future. Bring a safe and secure working environment to the production line operators, and truly achieve Jinshan Yinshan is lucid waters and lush mountains.
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