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What is the difference between single tank ultrasonic cleaner and multi tank ultrasonic cleaner

The main difference between the single tank ultrasonic cleaner and the multi tank ultrasonic cleaner is that the single tank ultrasonic cleaner has only one tank body and its main function is ultrasonic cleaning. More than two tanks are multi tank ultrasonic cleaners, which can choose any combination of ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, spraying, drying and other processes.

Ultrasonic application range:
1. Aviation: mainly clean oxides, dust, chips, rust, carbon and scale on fuel filters, engines, wheel hubs, brake systems, bearings, heat exchangers, flow control equipment, gyroscopes, artificial satellites and aviation hydraulic systems;

2. Electronics: clean flux and impurities after welding of various PCBs (printed circuit boards), and clean the manufacturing of electronic components; Remove rosin and welding spot; Cleaning of mechanical and electronic parts such as high-voltage contacts;

3. Microelectronics: wafer and semiconductor material cleaning;

4. Office and communication equipment: copier, printer aluminum tube, computer power supply, chassis, circuit board, hardware parts, etc;

5. Railway vehicles: locomotive engines, vehicle brake valves, bearings, passenger car heat exchangers, connecting rods, fasteners, etc;

6. Automobile, motorcycle, etc.: automobile, motorcycle manufacturing, maintenance engine block, cylinder head, connecting rod, steering gear, bearing, shock absorber, gearbox, gear, front and rear axle housing, filter, fastener, valve, ignition plug, fuel pump, fuel tank, battery electrode, piston ring, grease, preservatives, plastic residues, abrasive, graphite, filter, etc. on machine control panel parts;

7. Optical components, LCD: optical lenses, lenses, cameras, microscope lenses, mobile phones, computer LCD monitors, LCD glass cleaning before coating, cleaning after etching, cleaning after liquid crystal filling, etc;

8. Machining: mainly cleaning the abrasives, iron filings, antirust agents, compounds, cooling oil, polishing, oxides, etc. on the lead screws, nozzles, gears, springs, bearings, lead frames, curing machinery, fully enclosed compressors, heat exchangers, precision valves

9. Hardware stamping: a wide range of hardware stamping processing parts and components, cleaning stamping oil, squeezing dirt, etc;

10. Instruments and meters: cleaning of measuring tools such as precision instrument parts cleaning, and cleaning of high cleanliness before precision parts assembly;

11. Home appliances: TV screen, circuit board, electronic components, refrigerator compressor parts, air conditioner radiator, compressor, washing machine motor, electric rice cooker, coffee pot, microwave oven, induction cooker and other shells and parts;

12. Surface treatment: cleaning before electroplating and vacuum coating, rust removal, deoxidized skin removal, polishing paste removal, paint removal, wax removal, etc;

13. Jewelry and other valuable jewelry: mainly clean the coatings, paint spraying, compounds, abrasives, grinding oil, chips, chip oil, grease, hand dirt, oxides, etc. of jewelry, jewelry, necklaces, jades, watches, glasses and glass ceramics;

14. Watch glasses: watch case, watch chain, watch glass, movement device, spectacle frame, lens processing and cleaning; Remove oil sludge, dust, oxide layer, polishing paste, etc

15. Printing industry: mainly clean the micro pore decontamination, ink, fingerprint, oil, dye, etc. of rotary machine, spinneret, silk screen, SMT printing steel screen, ink cots, polyester filter element;

16. Medical and health care: various surgical instruments, hard and soft endoscopes and their accessories, biochemical analyzer sample plates, cups, inspection containers, glass slides, syringes, test tubes, bottles, disk containers, oral diagnosis and treatment instruments, ultrasonic dental cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, etc; As well as blood, gel, fingerprint, food residue, protein, etc. on syringes, pipettes, glass containers, pacemakers, esophagoscopes, rectoscopes, directional mirrors, artificial organs, etc.
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